Yorke G Freyer

Arnold Chun from.. Man in the High Castle / Geostorm / The Bold and the Beautiful / Hawaii Five-0 / The Big Bang Theory

Arnold Chun talks us through his journey to his first recurring guest star roles, and the challenges that can bring on your professional and personal life.

Check out the trailer below for his film Fractured, inspired by what happened at Virginia Tech.


Why actors don’t get paid on time! 

Labor Commissioner’s website 

Success is like perfume.. find out how! 

Being successfully married with kids and working in Vancover, he explains it, but I still don’t know how he does it! 

Who do you want to be? 

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Yorke G Fryer from Extinct and John Patrick Driscoll talk acting and filming in Utah

Yorke Fryer
JP Driscoll
Jennifer Lynn Warren
JP will be on an upcoming episode of SWAT!

Shemar Moore is too damn attractive.

Yorke Fryer on his show Extinct

Shooting in Utah

Working in Shakespeare Festivals

What you do when it unexpectadly snows on your set

Audition horror story that worked out

Shout out to Jennifer Buster

Shout out Acting Teacher Diana Castle

Importance of mental health and seeing a psychologist if you need to

Small town workaholic mentality

Yorke coulda been an engineer?!?

Meeting Michael Emerson in a bar

Learn how to answer the question “Tell me about yourself” with love

Find out who you are as an artist

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