Make Up

Jamie Leigh DeVilla, Make Up Artist, Belly Dancer, & Creative!

DeVilla is a make up artist and Belly Dancer here in Los Angeles.
Meet the make up artist that probably has a better week-end than you  😉
She is a doggie mommy, and she rescues Dalmatians from from this great company, check them out here!
We delve into how to keep a marriage happy, as she is still deeply in love with her super cool musician husband, Johnny Devilla!
We play some of his music from his band Spencer Robinson and the Wolf Spiders (click the name for more music!) at the end of the show, thanks Johnny! Follow them on Facebook
Are you interested in learning glamorous make up application after this?  Sign up for Devilla’s Make up class at
And something we haven’t talked about yet on the show that you’ll find at the end, the very real truth of set food and how to navigate crafty and catering   😀
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Her dance company can be found on Facebook:  Sekhmet Dance Company
You know you want to see her dance  🙂  DeVilla Belly Dance Videos
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