a boy called po

11- Pt. 2 John Asher, Director, Writer, Actor

The longest wrap up to any podcast ever, in the history of ever, in podcasting. You’re welcome. We go into Hollywood complicating relationships, and delve into “me too”. Our words are important, be human to each other. We get a glimpse into how John directs on set. Rico and I are all for going to outer space, but I’m afraid we may need to leave John behind. Behind the scenes feedback from casting. Dating in LA John plans his prom 🙂 “Somebody Marry Me” we discuss his Romantic Comedy shot in one take, and how even a great film can struggle with distribution, and why name actors are so important to a film. Getting misquoted sucks. John gives dating tips to guys Wick comes to visit John Asher Facebook Instagram Twitter Somebody Marry me Rico Anderson Facebook Instagram Twitter Follow me at: Facebook Twitter Instagram Music by Nothing but Stars Inside Click here Support us by going to InvoluntaryAct.com