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10- John Asher Pt 1 – Director, Writer, Actor

John Asher The one million ways I know John Asher before we met today. What’s YOUR Bacon Score? Rico beat out another actor already cast for I Hate Kids, thanks for pushing for him @maryjoslater! John gives us an Adam Goldberg Story. We discuss what comedy is and comedic auditions. LEAVE IT IN THE ROOM!...

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9. Robert Craighead, talks Future Man, Acting, and making it in Hollywood

Robert Craighead. Oh those jobs we had before acting…Robert knows Altoona, PA! The moment Jennifer recognizes Robert from his New Girl role! Robert gives up the spiel of his 32 years strong marriage. He sings country music, and talks about the movie he wrote, so someone give him money to make it! I’ve killed Robert...

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Ep/ 8 Daniel R Hill, Actor from The Resident, Tiger, and Rust Creek.

Daniel Hill talks about how his accent from Louisville, KY has helped his career. What happens when states gain and loose their tax incentives. What it’s like being in a nude scene with Emilia Clarke from Game of Thrones. Living in Los Angeles and Boyle Heights and dealing with traffic. Believing you’re the greatest actor...

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Jaby Koay talks Youtube, relationships, and content creation

Youtube Star & Actor Jaby Koay sits down with us to talk about creating your own content, what happens when your channel gets shut down, and how India saved his life. We delve into why reaction videos are so popular, and why you should keep your relationship offline. Next we admit to the celebrities we...

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Yorke G Fryer from Extinct and John Patrick Driscoll talk acting and filming in Utah

Yorke Fryer @Bigdaddyfreyer JP Driscoll @Johnpatrickdriscoll Jennifer Lynn Warren @JenniferLynnWarren JP will be on an upcoming episode of SWAT! Shemar Moore is too damn attractive. Yorke Fryer on his show Extinct Shooting in Utah Working in Shakespeare Festivals What you do when it unexpectadly snows on your set Audition horror story that worked out Shout...

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Trisha Rae Stahl from Glee and JP Driscoll from Inhumans talk acting and industry changes

Trisha Rae Stahl https://www.facebook.com/TrishaRaeStahl/ Twitter @@Trishy2pop Instagram @trisharaestahl IMDB John-Patrick Driscoll Twitter @jpactor1 Instagram @johnpatrickdriscoll IMDB Jennifer Lynn Warren Email your questions at: questions@involuntaryact.com Follow me at: Facebook Twitter @JenniferLynnWar Instagram @Jenniferlynnwarren IMDB Music by Nothing but Stars Inside Click here! Support us by going to InvoluntaryAct.com Shownotes: How being from Pennsylvania has effected us...

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Frank Dietz and Rico Anderson

Frank Dietz Instagram @sketchydietz Twitter @theFrankDietz http://www.sketchythingsart.com/ Rico Anderson @iamricoanderson on Instagram and Twitter https://www.ricoanderson.com/ We talk about… I Hate Kids… the movie not the continuation of our species. The films you make in Los Angeles vs Canada  Frank is also an animator of all sorts. Like all the sorts.  What is a clean up...

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Episode 3: Pruitt Taylor Vince on Stranger Things & Acting

Pruitt Taylor Vince https://www.facebook.com/PruittTaylorVince/ Rico Anderson @IamRicoAnderson / www.ricoanderson.com Stranger Things: Pruitt’s on it! Pruitt directed me once and made me cry a lot Promote yourself on social media: Rico is the king! The business was different in the 90’s We got our cat’s from Milo’s Sanctuary. https://www.milossanctuary.org/ The industry can mess up your relationships sometimes....

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Episode 2: Vera Van Guard and Edward G Negrón

Episode 2: Vera Van Guard and Edward G Negrón Vera Van Guard – Actress, Hand Model, Writer! @veravanguard on Instagram Edward G Negrón – Emmy nominated editor, photographer, and director/writer @Stormgodphotography on Instagram For more information about their film go to: http://stormgodstudios.com/BREAKINGBARBI/ We give you insights into film school, is it worth going? The talk...

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Episode 1: How We Started Podcasting

Welcome to the Involuntary Act!  I don’t think we choose this life it’s a compulsion, we HAVE to create! So join me in conversation with some amazingly creative people, and how they deal with living, working, and even relationships.  Email your questions at: questions@involuntaryact.com Follow me at: https://www.facebook.com/InvoluntaryActPodcast/ https://twitter.com/jenniferlynnwar https://www.instagram.com/jenniferlynnwarren/

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