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Episode 3: Pruitt Taylor Vince on Stranger Things & Acting

Pruitt Taylor Vince https://www.facebook.com/PruittTaylorVince/ Rico Anderson @IamRicoAnderson / www.ricoanderson.com Stranger Things: Pruitt’s on it! Pruitt directed me once and made me cry a lot Promote yourself on social media: Rico is the king! The business was different in the 90’s We got our cat’s from Milo’s Sanctuary. https://www.milossanctuary.org/ The industry can mess up your relationships sometimes....

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Episode 2: Vera Van Guard and Edward G Negrón

Episode 2: Vera Van Guard and Edward G Negrón Vera Van Guard – Actress, Hand Model, Writer! @veravanguard on Instagram Edward G Negrón – Emmy nominated editor, photographer, and director/writer @Stormgodphotography on Instagram For more information about their film go to: http://stormgodstudios.com/BREAKINGBARBI/ We give you insights into film school, is it worth going? The talk...

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Episode 1: How We Started Podcasting

Welcome to the Involuntary Act!  I don’t think we choose this life it’s a compulsion, we HAVE to create! So join me in conversation with some amazingly creative people, and how they deal with living, working, and even relationships.  Email your questions at: questions@involuntaryact.com Follow me at: https://www.facebook.com/InvoluntaryActPodcast/ https://twitter.com/jenniferlynnwar https://www.instagram.com/jenniferlynnwarren/

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