Episode 2: Vera Van Guard and Edward G Negrón


Episode 2: Vera Van Guard and Edward G Negrón

Vera Van Guard – Actress, Hand Model, Writer!
@veravanguard on Instagram
Edward G Negrón – Emmy nominated editor, photographer, and director/writer
@Stormgodphotography on Instagram

For more information about their film go to: http://stormgodstudios.com/BREAKINGBARBI/

We give you insights into film school, is it worth going?
The talk about New Yorkers, are they really mad at us?
Making your own film, it’s really become the must do thing these days.
Living in Hollywood will give you the occasional run in with perverts.
Hand Modeling, whose hands are those in toy commercials, anyway?
Hating diamonds, shouldn’t that make a single give more attractive to a guy?
Product photography, what the heck is going on there?
Happiness as artists and dating in LA, the secret to a 12 year relationship that’s still going strong.
Toy prototypes, wow are they expensive.
Trucks in LA, stop. Just stop.
Racism in LA, Eddie gets real about some thoughts he has…
Real life sleazy Hollywood story, sound familiar?
Flaky actors, are they really?
And the dangers of easy sounding work on Craigslist and how to avoid some dangerous situations.

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