9. Robert Craighead, talks Future Man, Acting, and making it in Hollywood

Robert Craighead.

Oh those jobs we had before acting…Robert knows Altoona, PA!
The moment Jennifer recognizes Robert from his New Girl role!
Robert gives up the spiel of his 32 years strong marriage.
He sings country music, and talks about the movie he wrote, so someone give him money to make it!
I’ve killed Robert in Tomb Raider! You may have played him on Dead Rising Three!
Are we victims of epigenetic imprinting? (I’m such a nerd!)
Shoot Oklahoma look like Russia, why not?
Send Robert an iPhone 10 and some Venison Jerky!
How Hollywood can make you look 30 years younger
Rico will be on the TV Show Goliath and Fifth passenger opens this week.
Robert’s epodes of FutureMan, and Painted Woman, Tiger Hunter are opening soon!
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Robert Craighead
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Jaby Koay talks Youtube, relationships, and content creation

Youtube Star & Actor Jaby Koay sits down with us to talk about creating your own content, what happens when your channel gets shut down, and how India saved his life. We delve into why reaction videos are so popular, and why you should keep your relationship offline. Next we admit to the celebrities we go a little nuts meeting.
Unknown celebrities we go nuts meeting. Later on we talk about our love and fears about Australia, some Scuba advice, and how YouTube is a full time job for it’s content creators. We delve deep into he psychology of men and relationships, being honest about your ego, and whether lying is good for your relationship! We end with some nutrition information, and Jaby gives some parting advice to our listeners.

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Frank Dietz and Rico Anderson

Frank Dietz

Instagram @sketchydietz

Twitter @theFrankDietz


Rico Anderson

@iamricoanderson on Instagram and Twitter


We talk about…

I Hate Kids… the movie not the continuation of our species.

The films you make in Los Angeles vs Canada 

Frank is also an animator of all sorts. Like all the sorts. 

What is a clean up animator? See what I mean?

How often is an animated film changed? Seems like it’s pretty constant. That would drive me mad.

Lessons in computer animation. Have we lost the art of pencil to paper?

What happens when your Hollywood job becomes obsolete – Being multi-hyphanate in the biz, no matter who you are.

Zombie next door, shout out to Ron Rogge!  Watch it at http://www.sketchythingsart.com/

Damn Dirty Geeks – This is Franks amazing Geeky Podcast I love. Subscribe at:


Long Live the King! It’s how we met! 

Have a strong friend base or you’ll go cray cray.

Zombie Nightmare with Adam West, a terrible movie…but all Frank ever wanted was to be a hero in a Monster Movie.

How to get your independent film made, kinda.

One of the most touching Hollywood, you just never know stories ten years in the making kinda stories.

Our terrible first films, revealed. 

Just make a dang movie already. 

Episode 2: Vera Van Guard and Edward G Negrón

Episode 2: Vera Van Guard and Edward G Negrón

Vera Van Guard - Actress, Hand Model, Writer!
@veravanguard on Instagram
Edward G Negrón - Emmy nominated editor, photographer, and director/writer
@Stormgodphotography on Instagram

For more information about their film go to: http://stormgodstudios.com/BREAKINGBARBI/

We give you insights into film school, is it worth going?
The talk about New Yorkers, are they really mad at us?
Making your own film, it's really become the must do thing these days.
Living in Hollywood will give you the occasional run in with perverts.
Hand Modeling, whose hands are those in toy commercials, anyway?
Hating diamonds, shouldn't that make a single give more attractive to a guy?
Product photography, what the heck is going on there?
Happiness as artists and dating in LA, the secret to a 12 year relationship that's still going strong.
Toy prototypes, wow are they expensive.
Trucks in LA, stop. Just stop.
Racism in LA, Eddie gets real about some thoughts he has...
Real life sleazy Hollywood story, sound familiar?
Flaky actors, are they really?
And the dangers of easy sounding work on Craigslist and how to avoid some dangerous situations.

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Episode 1: How We Started Podcasting

Welcome to the Involuntary Act!  I don’t think we choose this life it’s a compulsion, we HAVE to create! So join me in conversation with some amazingly creative people, and how they deal with living, working, and even relationships. 

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